Dan's Soviet Bikes

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Updated: August 2018


'Dan’s Soviet Bikes’ is a business set up to import into the UK vintage and classic Soviet motorcycles from Poland.

‘Dans Soviet Bikes’ is a motorcycle dealer.


These bikes are sourced in Poland and other Eastern European countries and then rebuilt or recommissioned in facilities in Poland. Some are substantially restored and some are closer to ‘as found’.


Motorcycle makes include:


Russian IMZ. Irbit Motorcycle Works.

750cc Sidevalve 1940’s up to mid 1950’s: M72. (Originally licenced copy of BMW R71)


650cc Over Head Valve 1950’s onwards: Ural M61, M62, M63, M66, M67…...

(500cc Urals were made but are rare.)











Ukrainian KMZ. Kiev Motorcycle Works.

750cc Sidevalve from mid 1950’s to early 1980s: (Developed from the Russian M72)

M72, K750, MB/MW750 (military), MT12.

Note MB/MW750 & MT12 have sidecar wheel drive;

MB/MW should have lockable differential, civilian

differentials do not lock but parts available to convert.




650cc Over Head Valve, 1960’s to around 2000. Dneprs K650 (MT8), MB/MW650,

MT9, MT10, MT11, MT16 etc

Note MB/MW650 and MT16 have sidecar wheel drive. MB/MW should have lockable

differential, civilian differentials do not lock but parts available to convert.







Russian Ishevsk IZH (DKW based)

’49, ’56 & Planeta 350cc 2 stroke singles and 350cc Jupiter 2 stroke twins.










Sidecars; ‘Military’ IMZ (has boot lid) & KMZ (boot accessed behind seat back)

and various ‘Sports’ from IZH (latterly known as Sputnik)

NB UK law: Sidecars can be fitted to the right hand side (continental) if

1st registered or manufactured before  Aug 1981. Old registration document,

VIN Plate and COC Date Cert will provide sufficient proof.











Other UK Brand names:

Cossack; this was a UK tradename owned by SATRA (Soviet American Trade).

Sold Soviet motorcycles in UK from 1974 to 1979. (Urals, Dneprs, Jupiters, Planetas, Voskhods, Minsks).

Some exported to Australia. NB Still used as a generic name for Russian/Soviet bikes.




Neval: was a Cossack dealer but then imported and sold Soviet bikes from 1979 to mid 1990s.

(Urals, Dneprs, Jupiters, Planetas, Minsks). Some exports to USA.



Regent: Split from Nevals sold Minsks (125cc 2 strokes).

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